Verallia has been founded, and subsequently developed on the basis of principles that have been shared and implemented by all its managers and employees, and which guide its actions. They are comprised of five principles of conduct (professional commitment, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and solidarity), and four principles of action (respect for the law, caring for the environment, worker health and safety, and employee rights).

Based on respect for the individual, a notion that is inseparable from economic performance, Verallia aims to achieve: zero workplace accidents and zero workplace illnesses.

To achieve and maintain these objectives, Verallia implements a dual strategy based on research and prevention. It benefits directly from the work carried out by its Research and Development technical division, which reviews all health and safety issues for each new investment, and incorporates them into the design of any new facility

Verallia also develops prevention through training, compliance audits, and situational analyses. As part of its safety action plan, Verallia has implemented the 4 Cardinal Rules program. Fundamental and applicable at all sites, these four cardinal rules define the main principles to be applied at the-day-to-day level to avoid serious or fatal accidents.