Verallia in Russia being part of Verallia Europe East group  is presented by two glass plants – KMS & KSZ.  From engineers to sales account managers, and from R&D specialists to designers, the Verallia brand spans a wide range of professions from “traditional” careers to the most innovative activities. Through the diversity of our businesses, with all our related manufacturing and commercial aspects, we have employees in all major categories to ensure the quality of our products and services.

Our international dimension opens up even greater prospects for professional mobility, between locations or occupations, and the growing internationalization of teams fosters a mutual understanding of employees’ respective cultures.

We are social responsible Company & we pay great attention to personnel health (pictures from vacations in the mountain, sport activities..)

As motivation for our personnel, we implement a human resources management strategy based on the following:

  1. standards 
  2. rules
  3. principles

Training is also considered by the management as the aspect of high priority. In this field we organize internal & external trainings for the technical & office staff. We invested in fully equipped training center at KMS. In future we are to follow the program developed by Europe - Verallia Academy.   

With all we have to offer, we seek to attract the best talent, and to foster consistent performance through a dynamic HR policy.

To send Your CV to our HR managers please use the relevant data in Part CONTACTS.