Selective Line

Selective Line, Verallia's premium signature

Verallia presents a complete range of bottles and services for the premium end of the market under its Selective Line brand.

Selective Line capitalizes on Verallia’s unique manufacturing expertise and brings together experts from all areas of glassmaking and decoration techniques worldwide to help its customers achieve their packaging goals.

Selective Line’s strength relies on its global presence and the complementary nature of its products and services :

  • The COLLECTION, a customizable standard series. Using the Extra Flint quality, the collection bottles are also available in Extra Black and other trendy feeder colors.
  • CREATIV’LAB, a creation and innovation center where our experts in glassmaking and decoration techniques work together to turn our clients’ design projects into reality. 
  • SPEED TO MARKET, a special service for rapid product development, with dedicated project managers who work alongside our customers throughout the production process.

Selective Line serves customers all over the world through its network of sales offices and our distributors in 47 countries.

To learn more about Selective Line, please visit :