Glass production

With its constant focus on quality and manufacturing excellence, Verallia has implemented best practices & best-available technologies at its two plants in Russia – ZAO “SG Kavminsteklo” in Stavropol region & ZAO “Kamishinsky Steklotarny Zavod” on the Volga.

Verallia is committed to a continuous improvement approach to constantly enhance packaging quality and food and beverage safety. Therefore, its manufacturing facilities are equipped with inspection equipment that incorporates the latest technological advances. Verallia adapts its industrial resources to changing customer requirements through its Operational Excellence program focused on four main areas: innovation, production, investments and purchasing. This translates into greater manufacturing flexibility, allowing Verallia to offer customers an extensive range of products tailored to their requirements, spanning from 200ml bottles to 5 L jars.

To see the complete manufacturing process from beginning to end, please view the Verallia Process Video.