Verallia Russia is №3 in glass container market

According to the specialized industry company “StekloKonsulting” researches, 2 factories “Saint Gobain Kavminsteklo” and “Kamishinskiy Steklotarniy Zavod” belonging to “Verallia Russia” were included in top-3 glass-manufacturers.

“Today glass container market is changing substantively. Large amount of closed productions, inner changes in segments and unstable economic situation forced some players to leave the market or weakened them. In the mentioned circumstances it is possible to operate and develop only for those manufacturers who have wide abilities for competition in this new environment. Market profile shows that “Saint Gobain Kavminsteklo” and “Kamishinskiy Steklotarniy Zavod” in aggregate not only kept their positions but also took the 3rd place according to the production volumes,” comments CEO of “StekloKonsulting” Natalya Nevskaya.