• Бутылку для шампанского можно назвать особенным сосудом. Он разрабатывался...
24 Feb

@verallianews:Thanks to the exceptional commitment of its people, #Verallia has demonstrated a remarkable resilience to this unpr… https://t.co/ygn9IJqNEV

05 Feb

@verallianews:Verallia is proud to announce that on February 4, 2021, the Group was awarded the FAS CAC All Tradable Grand Prix i… https://t.co/1mMNBccJiZ

05 Feb

@verallianews:Verallia est fier d’annoncer que le Groupe a reçu le 4 février 2021 le grand prix FAS CAC All Tradable récompensant… https://t.co/jzEMyL57AC